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Hello, I'm Melanie

Digital strategist + marketing coach for purpose-driven organisations.

Moving forwards with digital and marketing is tricky.

Feel supported and get practical advice:

  • achieve crystal-clear clarity
  • make quality decisions with confidence
  • nurture digital skills for sustainability
  • root nimble ways of working
  • integrate digital integrity and ethics.

And enable the positive change you want to see (sooner).

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" A truly consummate professional. Melanie was a fantastic addition to the team in all the projects she was involved in with afPE. She calmly helped us navigate through the minefield of the digital world to automate transactions and publish online. Melanie's knowledge and understanding of marketing also helped us create campaigns that resonated with our audiences and increased revenue for the organisation."
Sue Wilkinson


Constantin Brancusi

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But ... there's a problem with digital

(a problem that can spiral into a much bigger problem …)

With oodles of digital tools freely available, it’s easy to get in a tangle.

Digital + marketing has the power to lead you down thousands of crisscrossing directions until you no longer understand the destination. There’s an abundance of things to master. Search engine optimisation, community growth, badging and SCORM, not to mention multiple social channels. The going is super slow and everyone is airing their views on how to make it spectacular. 

Arrrghhh! Its mind-boggling. Digital can leave you befuddled. 

And the simple truth is there is NO black magic formula. Every case is different. The magic happens when you pinpoint (with piercing precision) the recipes that work for your audience … and your organisation.

The good news?

You CAN feel good about your work – and the impact it’s having.

More and more organisations own digital in-house and give it the LOVE and ATTENTION it needs. No longer do they leave it to movers and shakers who know all the latest, amazing tech. Instead, they are making digital their own by empowering the team and bringing-in outside specialists when needed. 

But HOW do I get there?

Fear not! It’s not out of your reach! Digital is about PEOPLE. It’s as much about gaining a deep understanding of your audience as it is about knowing tech. 

I’d like to help you gather the wisdom you need to nudge your organisation forwards. I’d like to help you cut through the clutter to reach an oasis of calm.

"Mel's coaching style helped me identify a clear pathway for achieving our community targets by tapping into members' beliefs and behaviours. Melanie has a unique ability to be both strategic and understand detail. Her strong people and listening skills married with a knack for cutting out 'noise' helped hugely."
robert Maaye Headshot
Robert Ma'aye
Community Manager, ConnectedCoaches

Shhh! ... I'll let you into a secret

Line graph showing a strong correlation between simplicity and effectiveness

Simplicity, elusive in so many organisations, is the key.

Funders, learners, volunteers, customers, clients, service users or stakeholders? Whoever your audience, people will love anything that’s easy-breezy to find and get involved with.

Achieving simplicity at every level – in concept, technology, visuals and words – and at every people point – will help your organisation connect more deeply. 

It’s as simple as that!

Digital simplicity enables impact that lasts.

Putting 'humanity' into digital

By putting purpose + people at the heart of your organisation, you can bring about the positive change you’d like to see.

I’d like to support you through the process. 

Here are some ways I can help as a digital strategist + marketing coach.

1 Discovery

I can support you to find out who your audience is, what motivates your audience and to understand their habits, views and pain points. We’ll experiment with what brings your audience closer and what prompts them to trust, act and advocate. 

2 Vision & plans

Together, we can do a digital audit. Then, I can work alongside you to create a digital strategy, positioning, a marketing plan or a content strategy, with a clear and simple pathway that will enhance your organisation’s raison d’etre – one step at a time. 

3 Digital & data integrity

Building trust and respect is fundamental. I can help you embed sustainability and data ethics so that your organisation stays true to its brand values and connects with the groups it serves.

4 Agile operations

We’ll turn plans into action. I can help with tech or partner selection. Or, I can work with you to empower your team with tools, skills and agile ways of working that will help you reach your goals sooner.


Incremental change works.

"Mel just gets it. She grasps challenges quickly because she's been there herself. Confident supporting people with technology and channel selection, Mel also inspired agile and ethical ways of working to help everyone work smarter (not harder)."
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Kath Leonard
COO, British Weight Lifting

How does it work?

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I work for UK and international organisations via Zoom.

 I offer flexible programmes to suit needs, budget and timelines: single or taster sessions, a 6-week mentoring programme, or a 6-month coaching programme. Or, I work as a digital consultant or trainer on specific projects.

Want to find out more?

Click the green button to arrange a free coaching session. We’ll talk about the positive impact you want your organisation to make and explore how to make it happen.

About Me

Mel Mallinson, digital strategist and marketing coach, laughing

I believe in the power of simplicity.

I aim to live by it ... in life and work.

Sounds good, Mel. But who are you to develop people in digital and marketing? 

Well, I never saw myself as a tech person. I was more into listening to understand and using ‘words’ to connect. That’s what I trained to do. 

But in my 20s, I wanted to get better marketing results and better serve our audience. So, I learned how to use data to understand people and technology to make things happen. That’s when I realised I enjoyed using logic and creativity to help people solve problems.

Then for 20 years, I led and coached teams to use data, content and digital responsibly to bring about positive change. 

Now freelancing as a marketing + digital strategy consultant and coach, I’d like to support you to navigate your organisation’s digital simplicity journey.