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About Melanie Mallinson:  freelance digital strategist consultant | marketing coach | trainer

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Putting human connection at the heart of organisations

Does the way ahead sometimes feel hazy?

Would you like to move forwards quicker – with purpose?

You’re not alone.

It's tricky

In a world chock-full of time-hungry possibilities, the route from A to B may feel fuzzy. More like a relentless trail of hairpin bends than a linear, arrow-like course.

A breezy online service, automated routines or a sustained buzz can feel like a distant, faint, dreamy image.

And that’s exactly what Digital Simplicity aims to do.

With Digital Simplicity, I coach organisations to use data, digital + marketing with integrity.  

I can support you to lead projects and strategy with confidence.

And when now, more than ever, people need to feel like they’re dealing with humans (not systems), I’ll help you put people at the heart of your work. 

Whatever your experience, feel supported to:

  • Better understand the needs, habits and beliefs of your audiences 
  • Create a shared inspiring vision and a crystal-clear, workable plan for getting there
  • Develop ways of working that foster openness + progress
  • Make quality decisions (even when under pressure)
  • Inspire colleagues and partners to come on the journey – even those who are resistant to change
  • Build human-centred, digital skills
  • Develop nimbler ways of working
  • Forecast and measure the real impact of digital.  

Want to know more?

Let’s chat over a cuppa. I love getting to know new people and organisations, listening to their hopes and dreams. We can talk about the positive difference you want to see and explore how to make it happen.

On the rest of this page, you’ll find out how I came to start Digital Simplicity, About Mel Mallinson, things I care about, and my approach.

How I came to start Digital Simplicity

It wasn’t a dreamy start. It was an emergency measure.

I had a long commute and a demanding role. At home, I devoted every spare minute to my kids but I didn’t feel like me anymore. I was exhausted. 

Then shockingly, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

It was a drastic event to jump-start a change. But after my treatment and time for recovery, I sought a new lifestyle. 

Mel Mallinson digital coach walking

My inspiration

I stumbled upon the idea for Digital Simplicity while Googling how to reduce the risk of a cancer recurrence.

Finding evidence-based guidance wasn’t easy.

What showed-up were unethical stories that lured me in and heightened my anxiety – all in an attempt to sell over-priced, so-called miracle products.

I recalled similar experiences when researching asthma, eczema and dysgraphia for our children. Thankfully, in all cases, I came across organisations that helped enormously.

But I couldn’t help thinking that these worthy organisations could be more visible and serve more people (without adding to their overheads!)

My health consultations ignited another thought.

Inspired by people who helped me elevate my health, I wondered how I could harness the power of coaching.

Could I combine my human-centred digital + marketing skills with coaching techniques I’d learned at UK Coaching, to create a new service?

Supporting organisations to navigate their digital journey? 

And developing digital gurus in the ‘for-good’ sector at the same time?

It felt right; like it was meant to be.

At the end of 2020, Digital Simplicity was born (at home, in our spare room) on top of a hill above the beautiful Calder valley.

Getting to know me (About Mel Mallinson)

As a child, I was quiet.

With my sister excelling as a performer and Mum a great conversationalist, I stayed firmly in the background.

Dad was a gritty Yorkshire farmer so we grew up caring for animals. Dad taught us to make things, fix what’s broken and recycle too.

Indoors, I was always piecing together projects. Building a boat out of matchsticks. Creating a family tree. Embroidering. All in between cartwheeling and pirouetting through the house. Oh my! My poor Mum!

By the time I was 14, I was spending most of my spare time on Design and Communications projects, filling sheets of A2 with sketches of models and designs.

Mel Mallinson Digital Coach in early 30s

At Uni, I studied languages and economics. Not just a lovely thing to do. By establishing myself as part of a community in new countries and connecting with people from different cultures, I grew in confidence.

As Uni came to an end, there were oodles of opportunities in accountancy and IT. But I didn’t see myself as a techie or a numbers person. So, I opted for marketing. And after scores of rejections, I finally got lucky.  

freelance digital coach Mel Mallinson

I went on to be responsible for the marketing and ecommerce functions for a publishing business. We needed to better serve people and get better results! So ironically, I learned how to use data and technology to make it happen.

The process opened my eyes. I realised I enjoyed using logic and creativity to solve problems. The journey taught me to be more patient and resilient too.

Then, as Digital Director (Learning and Marketing), we created fun, online courses to meet learner needs and established a vibrant online learning community.

And finally, responsible for marketing, comms and digital at the charitable organisation, UK Coaching, we rolled up our sleeves and established a bustling learning and membership platform. In between, we ran lively awareness and behaviour change campaigns and published oodles of helpful content too.

Now, I’m advancing my coaching skills while running Digital Simplicity part-time from home. 

I can now put my daughters first and still have time for myself. I enjoy pottering in my veg patch. And I also love going for long walks in the hills with my dog – even when it storms and rains.

Melanie is skilled at aligning the similarities of marketing, and learning & development, by embracing behaviour change principles. Melanie also acknowledges the potential subtleties of different markets and motivations when supporting people with their learning and development.

You're in safe hands

Here, are some of the organisations I’ve trained with.

I learned about marketing with the CIM, how to make sense of data and CRM with the IDM, marketing integrity & ethics with the DMA and digital techniques with eConsultancy.  

CIM The Chartered Institute of Marketing

IDM Institute of Data & Marketing

DMA Direct Marketing Association


Things I care about

Like most of us, I try do things to make the world a better place. Here’s how I play my little part.

planet earth

Our planet

There is no bigger issue today than saving our planet. I try to be mindful about my impact and help to spread the word.

healthy plant-based food

Healthy eating

It’s a win-win. Plant-based eating is healthier for our bodies and the environment. I'm currently writing an anti-cancer recipe blog.

Melanie Mallinson walking with children

Physical activity

An active lifestyle is soooo important for everyone. I try to be active, more often with my friends, family and neighbours.

child and adult with a horse


Growing up and living with a neurodiverse condition can be amazing but tough. I'm learning how animals and digital have a role to play.

thriving veg patch

Learning in nature

With too few opportunities for children to be outdoors, I support organisations that are championing the cause.

Hebden Bridge

My hometown

I love my vibrant, quirky town, Hebden Bridge and the Calder Valley and I delight in seeing it thrive.

Here’s how I’m playing my part with Digital Simplicity

I’m donating 5% from everything I bill for to Breast Cancer Haven, a charity that is a lifeline for people living with all stages of breast cancer. 

My Approach

My 6 step philosophy on digital is (you've guessed it) simple.

1 Know your audience 

2 Be where your audience is

3 Create online experiences they love

4 Make things easy to understand

5 Inspire people to get involved

6 Let systems do the routines

It sounds so simple, doesn’t it?

But with a myriad of options, knowing what to prioritise (and knowing what NOT to do) can be a challenge. 

I know how easy it is to get stuck going round and round on a hamster wheel. We’ve all been there.   

I’d like to help you work out how to connect with more people and reach your goals sooner. 

Once there, you’ll enjoy a simpler life. Trust me, a mature marketing and digital organisation is a lovely place to be – for you, your colleagues AND your organisation.