Ready to take your organisation to the next level with digital?

This digital + marketing coaching programme will help you develop all the skills and know-how you need.

6-month coaching plan

Making digital work for good

I love collaborating with people (just like you) – who care about their organisations’ purpose.

Together, we’ll work out how to better meet the needs of your organisation and the people it serves … through digital.

We’ll look for the opportunities, the things that will hold you back and work out the way forward. Then, (if you want me to) I’ll be right behind you, supporting you to make it happen. 

Digital + marketing coaching programme

What you can get out of the programme

Become a digital pioneer

So that you can pursue your organisational goal, I'll be facilitating your development and building your confidence to lead digital. You'll have those skills in your back pocket to inspire others too!

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Come up with creative ideas

Feeling frustrated with internal or external blockers? I'll help you get unstuck. Together, we'll think things through and I'll ask questions that spark your creative thinking to overcome challenges. I'll then support you to action priorities.

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Start a ripple effect

By experiencing marketing + digital coaching, you'll pick up the skills to help others overcome hurdles. Imagine! What would it be like to work in an organisation where everyone is skilled at supporting each other?

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Achieve a transformation

By improving your performance to attract more people, increase conversion or better serve users, you'll not only make a valuable contribution, you'll start to reimagine what's possible for your organisation.

What does the digital + marketing coaching programme involve?

Digital audit

Working together, we'll assess your organisation's digital presence. (It's helpful if I have access to your analytics for this part.)
We'll determine where to focus attention to drive the best outcome for your organisation.

Coaching Sessions

12 hours of coaching via Zoom.
Each session will be recorded so you can dive back into it at any time.

Inspiring plan

I'll support YOU to put together a short, visionary plan that will involve and inspire your colleagues and stakeholders.
The plan will contribute to your organisation's vision, in line with any budgets and resources you have.

Trello Board

A place where we can share documents and keep a track of everything.
Trello is a great tool for holding yourself accountable.

Action plan

I'll show you how to breakdown the changes into manageable, bite-sized tasks.
We'll assign realistic timescales that keep it credible and help to make it happen.

Ongoing Support

Support via WhatsApp in between session (during office hours).
It's like having an expert you can call on in your WFH office.

What's it like working with me?

Although driven to help you better serve your users and to see your organisation make a greater impact, I keep it light, not formal. I’m calm, friendly and down-to-earth. I won’t ever be aloof or talk gobbledygook. 

I believe it’s important you enjoy the programme so you get into the right mindset; into the flow. So, although my digital + marketing coaching sessions are focused, they’re also, relaxed. I understand the importance of keeping a sense of humour, never more so than in the middle of a pandemic! 

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I measure my performance by your sense of achievement, fulfilment and enjoyment.

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Is it for me?

I work with charities, social enterprises and ethically-driven businesses, large and small, at all stages of their digital journey.

It's for you if, you ...

It's NOT for you if, you ...

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