Digital + ethical marketing mentoring programme

freelance digital coach Mel Mallinson

For 6 weeks, we’ll work side-by-side to overcome a digital or ethical marketing  challenge. 

Speedy Mentoring Programme

Want to feel a sense of achievement?

On this focused programme, I’ll support you to make changes so your organisation can make a greater impact. 

For 6 weeks, my skills and knowledge will be yours to tap into. We’ll work at pace that suits you and I’ll be there to help you resolve any complexity you encounter.

Digital + ethical marketing mentoring

Can you relate to any of these?

More people

Not sure how to attract more people?
Let's get to know what makes your audience tick and create an affordable action plan.

Happy people

Wondering how to keep users coming back?
Let's ask your users, map their journeys and review your conversion and retention tactics.

Social Media

Confused about what will work where and when?
Let's look at what tone, emotions, people, content and channels engage your audience.


Worried about boring your learners?
Let's chunk your learning into bite-sized, engaging snippets.


Need help getting your message across?
Let's review, plan and craft your story.


Confused about which platform or partner?
Let's define your needs, shortlist and select those that match.


Stuck for ideas or overwhelmed with content?
I can help you define unique categories and create a content action plan.


Need help on GDPR or accessibility?
Let's review what's there and put in place an action plan.


Worried costs might spiral?
Let's define controls and a clear brief.


I need to bounce my thoughts off someone.
I'll help you think things through. My skills and knowledge are yours to question.

Let me help you devise crystal clear plans for your challenges and watch things fall into place. 

My simple processes will help you cut through the clutter and you’ll feel the weight on your shoulders lighten. You’ll gain the clarity to see the path ahead. 

It’s a ‘learn by doing’ programme so you’ll also gain new skills along the way (without sitting through lengthy online training programmes). And as you’ll actually be doing the work, you’ll feel a great sense of achievement too.

Is it for me?

It' IS for you if, you ...

It's NOT for you if, you ...

You’ll get 


Book in a call and let's chat

Want to ask me questions about the programme or find out if it’s right for you? I’d love to chat. We’ll talk about your goals, challenges, and work out a plan that’s right for you. Message me or, …

Confirming your programme

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